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Svetlana Radenko Radenko Founder

In my family we are all fans of sports. Cycling, soccer, running... The truth is that we like physical exercises as much as interaction with nature and there are tastes for everything in the family.

The fact is that our interest in sports and the hours we dedicated to it increased and the issue of nutrition began to worry me.

It is clear that with our lifestyle we needed the extra energy to perform in sports. But my "energy" recipes, no matter how lovingly I made them, were not the most comfortable thing to carry around and they did not have all the nutrients that the body needed.

And so I went on to ingredient tests and flavour tastings to finally launch Evotion Pro. A brand that was born to claim that sports nutrition products are for all sports enthusiasts, whether they are professionals or amateurs, and definitely, for all those people who care about their health.

I am proud to introduce Evotion Pro to people who seek the best quality, those who seek visible results and those who believe that to be healthy and perform you do not have to compromise on taste. Because health is essential in our lives!

We are optimists by nature and we are determined to to bring out the BEST OF YOU in sport.

The road to get here has been long and hard. Formulating products, testing samples, selecting suppliers, and generally developing a product line require a lot of time and effort.

​But patience is a fundamental value for us and we know from experience that in life as in sport...

Fruit that is collected/span> after much effort TASTES BETTER.​

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